Education QLD

Education QLD:

Public and private schools throughout Queensland.

  • Queensland Schools


    Choosing the right school for your child is an important step as it forms the foundation of their learning ability throughout their lifetime.

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  • Queensland Universities


    Universities offer a range of educational and occupational pursuits and are often the gateway to entry into particular professions.

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  • Training and Development

    Training & Development

    Need to expand your skills? Or maybe looking to break into a new profession? View the Training and Development section to find out what's available.

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Education QLD

Education NSW brings together a comprehensive list of learning and development institutions for children, young people and adults within QLD.  Education QLD aim is to provide an easy to use Education finder for parents, international students or those wishing to expand their current skill set or learn a new profession.  Our Education QLD Website is user friendly and makes searching for world class education easy!

Education QLD is an online directory of Education in Queensland and it's surrounds.